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Flight School - Jump Training For Athletes

Vertical Leap Training / Explosive 1st Step


Many sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, etc. require that an athlete have an explosive vertical leap, but how does an athlete develop this skill? Is this something you are just born with? The answer is yes and no. Every athlete is born with a certain number of fast twitch and slow twitch fibers. These fibers dictate how fast the athlete can run and how high he or she can jump. What most people don't know is that an athlete can recruit slow twitch muscle fibers into fast twitch. By doing this the athlete will become quicker, faster, more agile and will be able to leap very high.


Over the years FAST has developed a proven jump training program called Flight School that will increase any athletes vertical leap no matter what sport they play. We often see a 3" - 5" increase in an athletes vertical leap in just 90 days. By joining the Flight School program your athlete will learn how to increase balance and body control and learn the proper way to harness the power of the body and channel that energy into an explosive leap.


If you are a volleyball player looking to throw down spikes with ease or you are a basketball player looking to play above the rim you will want to be enrolled in this class. Even football and soccer players will benefit from this program as the need to get up over opponents happens quite frequently. No matter what sport you play Flight School will change the game for you.




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