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High School - 2 Hr Performance Training Program

High School athletes require proper instruction and training to perform and compete at a high level. FAST instructors have worked with olympic, professional and collegiate athletes covering a wide range of sports. Using this knowledge and experience FAST has put together a comprehensive performance training package that will get the most out of your high school athelte. Each athlete will be taken through an initial evaluation to find strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation will also give us time to establish goals and a plan of attack. Each training session will be 2 hours in length splitting the time between speed and strength. Check out the training details below.



1 Hour Speed Training


Dynamic Warm Up / Injury Prevention

Speed Ladder Work and Foot Speed Drills

Resisted Running, Sleds and Hill  Training

Position and Sport Specific Drills Covered In Every Session



1 Hour Strength Training


Warm Up / Body Weight Training

Explosive Strength Work Using Olympic Lifts

Focused Lifts Targeting Weak Muscle Groups

Plyometric Jump Training and Contrast Lifts


Training Schedule


Monday           4pm - 6pm

Wednesday    4pm - 6pm

Friday             4pm - 6pm

Saturday        10am - 12pm




6 Month Agreement


$300 Per Month Unlimited Sessions

$150 Per Month Choosing Strength or Speed Only


Month to Month


$350 Per Month Unlimited Sessions

$175 Per Month Choosing Strength or Speed Only