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One of the most important but most overlooked aspect in an athletes training regimen is injury prevention. Did you know that there are over 4 million youth athletes injured playing sports each year, and these are only the numbers reported. It is safe to say there is a good chance that if you play organized sports you will be hurt at some point right? Well although things do happen you can greatly improve your chance of staying healthy by properly preparing the body.


Parents and athletes alike tend to focus on skill, speed and strength training but often overlook the importance of a good injury prevention program. FAST offers weekly classes that will teach your player how to take care of their body. Athletes will use lacrosse balls, foam rollers, special AR stretching bands and all types of body movements to improve their range of motion and to protect important parts of the body. With the rising increase of practices and games and year around competition youth athletes are not prepared for the stress that is put on their bodies. This program will increase flexibility and elasticity of the muscle and help the athlete recover quicker and feel much better. FAST professionals will also work to align your players body. Running, jumping and cutting improperly is another major cause of injury. By learning the proper techniques and working to align the body correctly your player will increase speed and decrease chances of injury.


Attending this program accompanied with our other speed and strength programs can reduce ACL and other lower extremity risks by 50% - 70 %. Youth sports is a marathon and not a sprint, make sure your athlete is prepared for the journey!

Injury Prevention Class - Protecting the Body

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