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At 12 years old the body is developed enough to start training rigorously. The 12+ ADP program incorporates both speed training and weight training. Our unique training methods allow each athlete to develop size, speed and strength.


Speed Development


Sprinting for speed requires maximal effort with a specific yardage accounted for followed by complete rest intervals. Coupled with improvement in upper and lower body sprint mechanics, our athletes have seen a remarkable difference.


Strength Training


Our weight program includes calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, dumbell / barball lifts, plyometric jumps and medicine ball work. These developmental excercises will help build a strong athletic foundation which transistion to great on field performance.


Athlete Analysis


At FAST we believe in providing tangible feedback as to how each athlete is performing. Every athlete is taken through a thorough physical assessment to get a baseline performance score. This test is repeated every 90 days to show exactly how much better he or she has become. FAST also uses video to record various movements to give visual feedback to each athlete. see Athlete Analysis Page




Athletes (Ages 12+) - Group Speed & Strength

Packages - Group Training


6 Month Agreement Packages 


$90 Per Month / Includes 5 - 1hr Sessions w Rollover


$145 Per Month / Unlimited Sessions



Month To Month Packages


$105 Per Month / Includes 5 - 1hr Sessions


$165 Per Month / Unlimited Sessions


$25 One Time Enrollment Fee



Per Session Price $30


Discounts available to families with multiple children

Current Schedule (Ages 12+)



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday




Sunday 1pm



Performance Training