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Pro Trainers

Our Pro Trainers have all played the game at a high level and know exactly what your athlete needs in order to be successful. Come see why we are the fastest growing athletic training facility in the Southeast.

Christopher Bettis is the Owner of FAST Training. Playing at the Division 1 level Chris has learned drills, techniques and the proper training methods to help your basketball player excel on the court. In addition to basketball Chris also is a terrific girls lacrosse instructor. Teaching stick skills, dodging, passing, shooting, defense and how to move in space without the ball are all part of his skill set. If you have a young lacrosse player then you will definitely want to bring them to FAST.


Chris is highly sought after as a speed coach. Breaking down an athletes running form and then putting it back together the correct way is his specialty.  Hands, Arms, Legs all need to work together in order to maximize speed, contact us today to book an appointment with the "Speed Guru."


Chris Bettis Final Compressed James Brown II-Recovered Compressed Jay Puckett Final Compressed

Jay Puckett is no stranger to Lacrosse. Growing up in New Jersey Jay quickly learned and exceled at the game. Jay played LAX at the college level has coached several different teams at multiple levels.


Playing Experience


Four years HS in Central Jersey

Three years at the United States Air Force Academy


Coaching Experience


Five years Youth U9 through U15 (Rec & Select Levels)

Four years Youth Summer Club

Three years HS Summer Club

Currently HS Varsity Defensive Community Coach



US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program – Boys Level 3

Gianluca has played soccer since he could walk. Totally obsessed with the game as a child Luca excelled at every age. Playing in the Real Madrid Academy from ages 7 - 10 it didn't take long before he was playing professional soccer in Europe at the age of 18. Playing and training with the 1st and 2nd teams in Spain Luca learned drills, techniques and skills that your player will benefit from tremendously. Book with him today and watch your athlete advance rapidly.




Real Madrid Academy Ages 7 - 10

At Age 18 Played Professional Soccer in Europe

Played and Trained with Pro Teams in Spain

Coached at the International School of Soccer

Speaks English, Spanish and Italian




Patrick Delaney has been a Special Education teacher for over 18 years. While conducting research for his doctoral degree in 2008 on the development of the human brain he stumbled across research conducted on Mindfulness and the benefits that it offered. Simply put Mindfulness improves all aspects of life but most importantly in the areas of stress and anxiety. After approaching the administration at his high school about the benefits of a Mindfulness program Patrick was allowed to launch this new curriculum and now teaches 3 different Mindfulness classes. Fast forward 3 years and Patrick is now the Mental Training and Mindfulness teacher for several athletic teams, programs and individual students and athletes all over Gwinnett County.


Sometimes the answer to getting better as an athlete lies between the ears. Let Patrick teach your athlete how to apply all of their physical skills by giving them the ability to function at a high level mentally.







James grew up in Michagan playing Baseball, Football and Running Track. Focusing on Football James accepted a scholoarship to play for Northwood University in Michagan. Quickly becoming a standout Running Back and Defensive Back he was threat at multiple positions. James currently trains some of the best football and track athletes in the state of Georgia.


Career Highlights


High School Athlete of the Year

World Seried Colt League Baseball All Star Team

College Running Back & Defensive Back

All State Track & Field (Sprints / Long Jump)

Semi Pro Football (Oakland Chargers)


Staff Bios

Pierce Wells is the head basketball instructor at FAST. Pierce played 4 years of high school and college basketball. Earning All Region honors  in high school Pierce accepted a scholarship to Gordon College in Barnesville, GA before ultimatley transferring to Tennesse Temple to finsih out his career.


Pierce has a degree in Youth Ministry and has a passion for working with young players. If you would like to elevate your game ask for Pierce and be prepared to work hard.




2008 All Region

2010 Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown


Pierce Wells Bio Pic Comp

My name is Taylor Whitenton. I have been blessed and privileged to compete against the world's best in the game of baseball. I played high school baseball at Heritage High and in 2007, as a senior, my team competed in the AAAA GA State Championship. After graduating from high school, I was drafted by the Atlanta Braves as a SS. I decided not to sign with the Braves and instead attend Darton State College. I was the Friday night starting pitcher for Darton and in 2009 was drafted by the New York Mets. With the Mets, I was rated a top 50 prospect in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In my career, I have received awards for MILB Best Player of the Week and MILB Best Pitcher of the Month.




4A High School State Championship

Starting Pitcher Darton State College

Drafted By The New York Mets 2009

Top 50 Prospect 2009

Girls Lacrosse Instructor 

Coach DJ Waters is one of the most gifted coaches at FAST. DJ is a 2 time state wrestling champion as well as a powerlifter for The University of North Georgia. Growing up DJ played all sports but exceled at Football, Baseball and Wrestling. Pursing his passion for helping young athletes DJ trained under Chip Smith and eventually went on to work with over 200 NFL and D1 college players.  Expanding his reach DJ ran a successful NFL combine program for over 4 years.  In 2015 he was asked to be a part of Amanda Wiers training team to prepare her for the 2016 Olympic Games. Amanda went on to win a silver medal in the 4 x 100m freestyle relay.




2 Time State Wreslting Champ

Trained Over 200 NFL and D1 College Athletes

Trained An Olympic Silver Medalist

4 Year High School Baseball Starter

Exercise Science Degree

Morgan has the experience and the knowledge to turn your athlete into a real player. Morgan has played, and coached at every level.  Winning a national championship at Young Harris in 2006 Morgan has now turned her focus to helping young soccer players advance their knowledge and skill.  Morgan is also a terrific speed and agility trainer. Using her knowledge of the game she is able to develop the muscles, balance and core strength needed to excel on the field.


Playing Experience

National Championship @ Young Harris 2006 - 2007

Ottawa University - 2 KCAC Conference Championships


Coaching / Teaching

BA in Health & P.E.

Varsity Coach For Highland Park High School

Head Club Coach For Sporting KAW Soccer

University of Kansas College Camp Coach

FCKC Professional Soccer Club (Kansas)






Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.14.49 AM

Taylor Whitenton

Baseball / Softball Instructor

DJ Bio Pic Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams

Soccer Instructor


Gianluca Loreti

Soccer Instructor


DR. Patrick Delaney

Mental Training Instructor For Athletes